Material Handling & Transloading

Damage-Free, Expeditious Transloading & Material Handling.

Road & Rail Services provides damage-free, expeditious transloading and material handling for both railroad terminal operations and material shippers, with an emphasis on safety and reliable, on-time delivery — even in a just-in-time environment.

Our Approach

Road & Rail’s environmentally compliant material handling, offers advanced reporting for accurate inventory management and product verification, along with robust securement. Additional available services include:

  • Railcar heating and monitoring
  • Commodities blended to your specifications
  • Railcar sparging
  • Systematic product sampling and testing
  • Pre- and post-loading
  • Railcar and trailer inspection for securement, seals, leaks and compliance.

Locations & Capabilities

Road & Rail transfers a wide assortment of products from 13 locations from Michigan to Florida. In 2023, we executed 53,157 material transfers, including:

  • Bulk Chemicals
  • Bulk Liquids
  • Dry Minerals
  • Other Dry Bulk
  • Forest Products
  • Metals

Why Road & Rail Services?

We have a proven record of compliant material handling.  Detailed, accurate inventory management and verification.  Assurance of sealed, secure, contamination-free and tamper-free product.  All in a safety-first environment — with a seasoned team that gets the details right, day in and day out.