Road & Rail Services

Providing Clients with the Best-In-Class Services.

As one of the nation’s leading provider of third party logistics, Road & Rail Services brings decades of experience to a comprehensive suite of services including:

Automotive Logistics

Comprehensive handling solutions for even the most complex automotive logistics problems, all tailored to the unique demands of your specific manufacturing environment.


Onsite services covering mandatory FRA inspections, trouble-shooting, preventive maintenance programs, and repairs resulting in safe, compliant and reliable locomotives.


Complete services including inspections pre-trip, railcar cleaning, preventative maintenance and mechanical program work, general and mobile response repairs, mechanical repair and electronic AAR billing.


New track construction and track / facilities maintenance for industries who rely on the condition of their track, yard and rail terminals, and engineering firms who rely on us to execute their plans for new track.


Efficient train processing, including loading, unloading and brake testing, with automated reporting documenting throughput, dwell, elapsed time, locomotive inspections and servicing and more.

Transload / Material Handling

Environmentally compliant material handling and robust securement, with advanced reporting and technology for accurate inventory management and detailed product verification.


Safety First and Always.

Regardless of the service being provided, our first goal is to send every associate home safely every day.  For over 35 years, we’ve worked daily to build a culture that emphasizes safety above all other priorities.  And it shows, from our FRA, OSHA and MSHA credentials to our industry leading EMR scores.