Safe, Reliable Railcar Inspection & Repair.

When railcars are out of service, you lose time and money. Road & Rail Services specializes in Field Maintenance Operations (FMO) to safely optimize the condition and velocity of your rolling stock assets.  Our field inspections, service and repairs keep your railcars compliant, in service and out of the shop — in our plant and terminal operations or through Mobile Repair Operations (MRO).


Railcars Switched in 2023


Railcars Inspected & Repaired in 2023

Services Provided

  • Inspections (including extended haul and air brake testing)
  • Information interface with industry early warning and maintenance advisory processes
  • Pre-Trip and Pre-Trip Repairs
  • Railcar Cleaning
  • Preventative Maintenance with Scheduled Fleet Repairs
  • Program Work
  • AAR compliance repairs inclusive of electronic AAR billing

A Proactive Approach

Our proactive approach to railcar maintenance focuses on quality assurance and control measures, modifying maintenance and operating procedures to mitigate conditions that lead to wear and failure. A more intensive preventive maintenance approach, it focuses on critical assets that consume maintenance resources disproportionately. 

Why Road & Rail Services?

Our focus on prevention is supported by strategic investment in equipment and technology, attracting the top talent in the industry, services that cover the entire range of railcar inspection and repair, and a reputation for completing repairs and eliminating downtime — all with an unwavering focus on safety, first and always.

Predictive, Preventative Maintenance

Managing railcar maintenance effectively improves rolling stock reliability and increases equipment availability and operational productivity.  It allows for a lower spare vehicle ratio and reduces overall railcar maintenance costs.  It sustains the useful life of equipment and reduces long-term capital cost.

Ineffective railcar maintenance can result in an expensive downward spiral into a “find and fix” mentality instead of proactively addressing maintenance issues before impact reliability and operations.