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Award Winning Leader in Logistics Solutions.

Road & Rail Services was founded in 1987 by brothers Tom and Pete Gerstle. From an initial contract to perform inspections on intermodal trailers, within three years, the company was performing pre-trip and other mechanical work for rail companies and manufacturers, and had grown to 110 employees.

From the very beginning, we recognized that our success would depend on recruiting and retaining the right people. We believe strongly in hiring experienced veterans and others who are driven to succeed, who are team builders and team players, and who bring maturity and a strong work ethic to each position. And we continually engage with our entire workforce through ongoing training, periodic strategic planning and review, and rigorous two-way communication. The result is truly the best team in the road and rail industry today.

To recruitment and retention, add reinvention. Over the past three decades, evolving customer needs, emerging technologies and increased opportunities have driven us to transform our own processes and realign our operations to reflect the changing needs of the markets we serve. This has allowed us to deepen relationships with existing customers, while positioning us to take advantage of new avenues for growth.

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At its core, Road & Rail Services is an organization driven by our shared values: safety first and foremost, reliability, accountability, integrity, adaptability, velocity, stability, competitiveness and financial performance. Every decision and every relationship is measured against these values. We believe this has given us a focus and sense of purpose unlike any of our competitors, and has resulted in unprecedented longevity in terms of both our people and our customers.

We believe strongly in sending each associate home safely at the end of every working day; in using information technology to continually improve processes and the results they produce; in providing our associates at all levels with the equipment and training they need to excel, today and tomorrow; in anticipating customer needs and developing strategies to meet them in a cost-effective manner; in following a continuous improvement model and mindset in everything we do; and in holding ourselves to the highest possible standard of performance.