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Why Us?

Road & Rail Services is simply the industry leader for comprehensive logistics solutions for the first mile and the last mile of track.

Safety Above All

Our highest commitment is to see each member of our team return safely home at the end of every working day. Our award-winning safety record is the result of continual safety training at all levels, incentive and recognition programs, a Safety Council and monthly safety meetings, automated incident reporting with root cause analysis, hazard identification and awareness, documented corrective action and external audit program and more. The result? Industry-low OSHA frequency history. An EMR that is significantly below industry averages. And repeated industry and customer awards for safety.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

At Road & Rail Services, we know that our reputation is only as strong as our most recent performance. So our operations are built around a closed loop continuous improvement system with a constant focus on safety, quality and efficiency. Beginning with each customer’s specific needs and key performance indicators, we develop a plan, provide comprehensive training for all team members, utilize tools such as web-enabled reporting to track performance, analyze and adjust as needed, then revisit the plan document and repeat. Our emphasis on continual data collection, evaluation and analysis that drives information-based decision-making and subsequent training results in a deep level of accountability that is truly unique, as well as an industry-leading safety record and AAR scores across service areas that are consistently superior to industry averages.

Velocity and Cost Containment

We share two primary goals with our customers: to achieve optimal terminal velocity and minimize costs and downtime, all in a profoundly safe environment. Whether it’s complete “hitch and haul” train services, efficient automotive logistics, transloading, robust railcar services or track services, our detail-driven, data rich approach focuses on ensuring the efficient operation of our customers’ assets in the highest possible condition. By assembling the strongest and most experienced teams in the industry across all service areas, then equipping them with the training, information and technology they need to excel, we routinely outperform our peers and help our customers achieve the highest levels of velocity and profitability.

Information-Based Decisions

Our process-driven, systems-based approach relies on our ability to gather and analyze information in real time. So we invest in technology that allows us to collect data on a range of activity across all of the sites we serve. This allows us to ensure that our customers always know the condition, progress and status of the assets they have entrusted to us. It also provides us with the information we need to drive our own continuous improvement process, which allows us to regularly refine how we do what we do to continue to achieve award-winning, record-setting results for our customers.

Broad Service Offerings Across Industries

As noted under “Services,” we provide comprehensive track, train and railcar services as well as automotive handling and transloading for the first and the last mile of track and facilities. We serve clients across multiple industries and sectors, including:

  • Aggregates
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Coal
  • Intermodal Goods
  • Metals
  • Minerals
  • Paper
  • Steel

Reliability & Experience

There are two clear measures of a company’s reliability: sustained growth, and customer retention. Road & Rail Services excels by either measure. Not only do our clients tend to remain with us over the years, they also tend to expand our services to additional locations or take advantage of other services than those that initially brought them to us. In other words, when it comes to retaining customers, we have a track record spanning three decades. And over those three decades, our customer roster and our geographic footprint have continued to expand steadily. To ensure our sustainability and longevity, we have focused on strategic growth, always verifying that we can recruit and retain the talent needed to meet our high standards before enlarging our market area. And because so many of our associates, on both the front lines and in key management positions, have been with us for so long, our shared experience is broader and deeper than virtually any other organization in the industry.

Integrity Always

Our founders, brothers Tom and Pete Gerstle, shared more than a name. They shared a vision and core values for what Road & Rail Services could become, and for the path they would take to get there. The core principle that underlies every decision has always been integrity — an unwavering commitment to ethical principles that is instilled in every associate at every level, every day. While we place a high priority on safety, quality and efficiency, we believe those ideals have no value without the integrity of the people and the organization standing behind them.