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Train Services

When you need consistent train services, from industrial switching to unit train handling, or shortline rail operations, you need Road & Rail Services.

Here’s why. We combine an unmatched (and award-winning) safety record with proven dependability and timely performance. We don’t just adopt industry best practices; in many cases, we create them. And we provide up-to-date, detailed reporting while ensuring that your rail operation run smoothly.

Why Choose Us?

Our detail-driven, process-oriented approach ensures a safe environment always, reliable regulatory compliance, and continually updated technical and training materials and programs — with rigorous management oversight and internal reporting. And customized, data-rich documentation keeps you informed 24-7.

Velocity & Visibility

Road & Rail Services sets the bar for efficient train processing, with automated reporting that keeps you informed, documenting throughput, dwell, elapsed time and more.

“Train Ready” Services

The Road & Rail team offers complete “hitch and haul” solutions, including train assembly, brake testing, locomotive hostling and more.


For railroads, rail shippers and owners of rail assets, we are committed to making your rail operation as safe, cost effective and efficient as possible, delivering your trains safely, efficiently, damage-free and on-time, every time.

Our Approach To Locomotive Power

Road & Rail Services utilizes a comprehensive asset management approach when it comes to selecting and maintaining locomotive power. Locomotive specifications are tailored to the specific needs of each operation that we serve, and our fleet is fully FRA compliant and consistently maintained to provide stellar reliability. Further, our commitment to fuel conservation and environmental sustainability is well supported through training programs, use of fuel additives, waste oil handling, and refueling procedures.