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Track Services

Road & Rail Services is the high value choice for track services for your railroad or industrial track assets. We provide comprehensive services to a range of clients including Class I Railroads, Shortline Railroads, numerous Rail Shipper Industries and even Engineering Firms.

Why Choose Us?

The hallmarks of the Road & Rail Services business approach are especially evident with our track services: strategic investment in the best equipment; an emphasis on recruiting and retaining the top talent in the industry; an unwavering focus on safety first and always; robust purchasing power to keep costs lower; eliminating downtime and providing quality results; and a reputation for reliability in meeting deadlines. Those qualities combine to make Road & Rail Services the cost-effective choice for your track construction, inspection or maintenance project.

Experience Matters

With a team of seasoned professionals on every track construction or maintenance project, we provide truly comprehensive track services with minimal downtime, encompassing:

  • Site Assessments
  • FRA Compliance Inspections
  • Track Repairs
    • Switches
    • Tie Replacement
    • Surface Work
    • Rail Replacement
  • MOW
    • Vegetation Control
    • Ditching & Drainage
    • Surface Work
    • Thermite Welding
    • Bridge Work
  • New Track Construction
    (built to our design or your design)
  • Road Grade Crossings

Prevention vs. Failure

We focus on prevention, with full track assessments and inspection services by qualified, seasoned track professionals, and tools such as ultrasonic non-destructive rail testing or advanced measurement equipment to determine if internal conditions or measurement problems exist in rail.

Equipped for Success

To ensure that our team has the best equipment and technology to do the job efficiently, we continually invest in up-to-date, mission critical equipment, including:

  • Jackson 6700 SJ2 Tampers
  • Kershaw 925 Ballast Regulators
  • Late Model High Rail Rotary Dump Trucks
  • High Rail Grapple Trucks
  • Backhoes
  • 925 Tie Inserters
  • Tie Cranes
  • Other tie insertion equipment
  • Other on-track equipment
  • Thermite welding