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Automotive Logistics

If you depend on reliable automotive logistics solutions, depend on Road & Rail Services to exceed your goals and expectations. Each year, we safely handle millions of vehicles for some of the best-known names in the automotive industry.

As an acknowledged leader in automotive logistics, Road & Rail Services has a long history of industry-leading quality, award-winning safety, consistent terminal velocity and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Us?

What makes a Road & Rail site stand out? A relentless focus on safety. Damage-free handling. Continuous improvement. High audit scores. Effortless claims management. An obsessive attention to detail. Dependable terminal velocity. And integrated technology.

Road & Rail Services operates with a “safety first and always” philosophy that incorporates continuous training to send every team member home safely every day. With an emphasis on consistent, on-time, damage-free delivery, the result is a proven track record spanning decades.

Customized Solutions

We specialize in crafting comprehensive logistic solutions for even the most complex automotive logistics problems, all tailored to the unique demands of your specific environment. We’re known for solving difficult logistics challenges through customer collaboration and deep, data-rich analysis that leads to innovative solutions and smart service design.

We develop a comprehensive operating plan for every site — including business implementation processes for start-up execution — with key performance indicator management built in from the outset, and driven by technology that enables real time, information-based decision making.

Every Service You Need

Road & Rail’s comprehensive array of services makes us the single-source solution for automotive logistics. We provide complete origin plant and destination terminal operations services, including:

  • Line off (POE Operations)
  • WIP Vehicle Shuttling & Process Support
  • Marshalling yard operations
  • Railcar loading and securement
  • Railcar unloading
  • Vehicle accessory installations
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance
  • Loading ramp maintenance
  • Inventory management, including vehicle tracking
  • On time and damage free delivery