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Precious Commodities, Protected.

Controlled, Compliant, Contamination-Free Transfer of Your Products.


When you need prompt, perfect product handling, Road & Rail Services is an industry leader in providing damage-free, expeditious handling of our customers’ products and equipment.

When you partner with Road & Rail Services, you get proven performance with an emphasis on safety. That includes reliable on-time delivery, even in a just-in-time environment, with industry-leading quality that means the right product gets to the right destination, in the right condition, at the right time — every time.

Comprehensive Product Handling Solutions

When it comes to product handling, success is in the details. That’s why Road & Rail offers environmentally compliant material handling, with advanced reporting and technology for accurate inventory management and detailed product verification. We also provide robust securement, so you know your product is sealed, secure and tamper-free.

Serving a Range of Industries

Road & Rail Services has been providing dependable, customized solutions to meet even the most complex product handling needs for over thirty years. Our processes are designed to provide accurate, timely delivery, without contamination, in a safety-first environment — with a team dedicated to getting the details right, day in and day out — whether your need is:

In automotive logistics, we provide complete origin plant and destination terminal operations services, including:

For intermodal customers, we provide lift operations, train assembly, local drayage, and gatehouse and security services.

If you’re shipping bulk commodities, we can customize a solution to fit your specific needs. In addition to loading and unloading operations, we provide railcar heating and monitoring, with commodities blended to your specifications and railcar sparging to keep them blended. We can also perform systematic product sampling and testing, pre- and post-loading, along with railcar and trailer inspection for securement, seals, leaks and compliance.

See how we perfected product handling in under two minutes.