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Railcar Availability, Maximized

Safe, Reliable Railcar Inspection, Service & Repair

Railcar Services

When railcars are out of service, you lose time, money and velocity. Road & Rail Services specializes in Field Maintenance Operations (FMO) to safely optimize your rolling stock assets in the field through inspection, service and repair to keep your railcars and locomotives compliant, in service and out of the shop. While our team of skilled technicians typically provide these services in our customers’ plant and terminal settings, we can also offer response services through our Mobile Repair Operations (MRO) to deliver broader solutions.

We employ advanced information technology to facilitate maintenance processes and analyze service and repair trends, in an effort to continually optimize equipment condition.

We service a wide range of railcars including auto racks, boxcars, covered hoppers, flatcars, open top hoppers and gondolas. These services encompass inspections (including extended haul and air brake testing), pre-trip, railcar cleaning, preventative maintenance and mechanical program work, general and mobile response repairs, electronic AAR billing and locomotive work.